Principal Message

Engr. Mohammad Abdur Rashid Mollik

Principal(In-Charge) Jhenaidah polytechnic Institute. Phone no :+88045161385 Email no Massage from Jhenaidah polytechnic Institute.It mention that Skill, knowledge and innovation are important driving force of economic growth and social development in any country, and those countries with higher levels of education and skill, adjust more effectively and opportunities in the global economy. Technical organizations are facing a world that is rapidly Changes of technology. So that it necessary to maximum uses of man power and resource of the institute to maintain with the global changes. Jhenaidah polytechnic Institute is leading the way in technical education among the students of the country.Through this institution, several hundred skilled resources are working throughout the country and abroad. And achieve qualifications for being admitted for higher education in all public and private Universities of the country. Jhenaidah polytechnic Institute is situated in the heart of the Jhenaidah town adjoining to the Dhaka–Jhenaidah highway. Jhenaidah BSIC Commercial area is situated on the front of the institute and it has total land area 2.08 acre. There are 5 technology which are taught at the institution. They are 1.Civil 2. Electronics, 3.Computer 4.Electrical & 5.Environmental This Institute is working in line with the “Vision 2021: Digital Bangladesh” of the government. Jhenaidah polytechnic Institute always thinks for skills and quality of graduates. Since knowledge and skills is becoming the future currency, so Jhenaidah polytechnic Institute(JHPI) always try to do the best and new thing. .